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1The cooking grid seems not very large ?
The answer to this grilling faq it’s easy: NO! WeGrill is ideal for grilling for up to 12 people if grill express , for example, you can simultaneously cook two Florentine 1 kg each or 15 sausages open. But thanks to the speed of cooking you have the opportunity to grill and then serve faster.
2It ‘ easy to use?
WeGrill has only two temperatures , high and low , and cook with a constant and uniform irradiation and then once you learn the sequences becomes extremely easy its use.
3You have to add water in the pan ?
Just in case you kitchenette very fatty foods , you can split the pan from the grill, and place the pan on the lower rack only filling it with a little water with baking paper or aluminum foil and use the grid independently placing it at the top level , so that the fat is collected from the pan below.
4Why does not smoke and does not smell ?
For two reasons: first because liquids are immediately sealed within the food , and secondly because the hot surfaces and sources of heat are not under or in contact with food , but above , so even if you spill fat and prevents the occurrence of classic smoke and stench.
5It ‘ easy to clean ?
About this grillin faq we can only answer: YES! All stainless steel WeGrill after use, it quickly cleans the inside with a sponge and degreasing agent, to the outside with a product for steel scouring pads or special for steel soaked with water only . For the folding models just put it in the dishwasher.
6Outdoor gets ruined?
WeGrill is built in stainless steel AISI 304 Treaty schotch Bride , however in the case of outdoor seal must be covered with a suitable water resistant cover but breathable as the WeGrill Cover , to prevent water from entering and compromising the ignition system the burners.
7What is infrared?
The sun warms the earth mainly thanks to infrared energy . The infrared energy is light that we can not see , but that our bodies detect the form of heat . Even the coals cook foods with the same principle. The technology of Infrared WeGrill works on the same principle : Each burner ceramic has a thousand of nozzles, each with its own flame , heating the ceramic which make it glow transmitting infrared heat . This issue of constant heat and high temperature allows rapid cooking dehydrating the food is not as instantly seals the juices and flavor of foods . In summary, the infrared cooking WeGrill allows to reach high temperature cooking food naturally and keeping them succulent and tastier.
8It connects to the home network of natural gas ?
At the time of purchase is required WeGrill configured for the home network , or even at a later time you can always convert to LPG or CNG .
9The pan and grill are great in the dishwasher ?
The pan once used it can be easily put in the dishwasher has been designed with the correct size .
10It consumes ?
WeGrill consumes very little , for example, a cylinder can be up to 3 kg grill for 30 hours. The exact consumption is 240 grams of LPG now
11Where can I place Wegrill ?
WeGrill can be positioned on any surface , it goes without saying that you can not rest on a bale of hay.
12How long does it takes to be ready for cooking ?
WeGrill is ready for firing in a maximum of 2 minutes, when the burners are turned red is ready to be used .
13It ‘s easily transportable ?
WeGrill is in a trunk of any car or in the back seat and it becomes easy to handle with its carrying bag
14What seasonings should I use?
I can comfortably do not use condiments because WeGrill does not lose its properties or liquid humours and juices of low fat foods you can use a little olive oil as a conductor of heat and soften the food itself
15What are shelves / levels ?
The first runner up is used for sear the foods that require it , the second and the third to gril right into the heart of foods that needs to be well cooked such as the chicken.
16Can I use it in my camping pitch?
WeGrill not doing flame you can use it where flame devices are prohibited , for example camping
17What certifications does it have?
And ‘ the only grid CE certified by IMQ for both indoor and outdoor use.
18Because foods do not decrease weight ?
Wegrill enhances the taste and authenticity of food , tasty , healthy and always soft on the palate thanks to a quick burn that seals the liquid within the food thus avoiding the lowest weight loss
19The gas bottle is safe ?
LPG gas cylinders are very safe as they should be treated only there are still homes not served by natural gas where they still use bottles to feed the stove at home
20Can I use it every day?
Certainly for 3 simple reasons: It lights up in a minute It almost never And ‘sound is natural
21Emits toxic fumes ?
Thanks catalytic oxidation of the gas on the surface of the ceramic WeGrill emits very little CO2 , in less than a tenth of a cigarette , and therefore does not require a lot of ventilation although it is advisable always ventilate environments .
22What is the difference with a normal cooking barbecue?
WeGril grill by irradiation , exactly as the embers and charcoal while a BBQ normally bakes or by convention or with the heat , similar to cooking in an oven, or by induction or for direct heat in contact , for example the plates in stainless better known as Fray -top
23Where are WeGrill produced?
Completely produced in Italy.
24What can I grill on WeGrill ?
Mainly Meat and fish but also vegetables, breaded cutlets , vegetables, potatoes, pizza, flatbread, and also you can gratine and melt cheese.
25The food does not stick ?
Due to high temperatures, the food does not stick nor to steel grid nor on the baking sheet in the case being used without grid.