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    Barbecue smokeless, yes Wegrill

    The only barbecue with no smoke or unpleasant smells, which can even be used inside the home. With no smoke or unpleasant smells, WeGrill is a smoke-free gas barbecue which can be used inside or outside the home, even on an apartment balcony, as it will not cause any annoyance to neighbours. Its fast cooking lets you to savour every moment of dinner with your friends.

    Cooks like embers

    WeGrill is the only smoke-free gas barbecue which uses an infrared system to reproduce the effect of an Italian-style ember or charcoal barbecue, cooking by irradiation and able to reach a temperature of 850° Celsius on the burner surface. This means that WeGrill reduces cooking times and brings out foods’ genuine goodness, with tasty, healthy, succulent results, thanks to rapid searing, which seals all the liquids inside the food.

    Very easy to clean

    As it dismantles completely, WeGrill can be put in the dishwasher for quick, perfect cleaning, except for the burner. WeGrill is 100% Italian designed and manufactured.

    CE Certification

    WeGrill “IN&OUT” smoke-free barbecue holds CE Certification for outdoor and indoor use, issued by IMQ Primacontrol srl, which certifies its compliance with the prerequisites for sale and use in the European Union.


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